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Dr. Mike Sagman - Recognizing Situations of Dog Abuse

Mike Sagman

Dr. Mike Sagman is a retired Virginia dentist who has a lifelong passion for animals and manages the website A vocal advocate of pet adoption, Dr. Mike Sagman also feels strongly about preventing dog abuse wherever it occurs.

Because dogs cannot speak up directly when they are mistreated, it is the responsibility of the people around them to be observant and act when they encounter abuse. Signs to be aware of include unexplained wounds, limps, and scars, as well as behaviors such as the dog cringing around people and walking with its tail between the legs or with its head down. Keep in mind that such signs and behaviors can have other causes as well, including those involving neighborhood dogs.
Conditions of neglect may also be observed, including squalid living conditions, bones visible through the skin, and extremely matted or unkempt coats. Responsibility for investigating and enforcing laws against cruelty to animals typically resides with local animal control agencies, humane organizations, and shelters. Professionals at any of these organizations are equipped to forward reports to the appropriate authorities, who can then investigate potential abuse situations.

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