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Benefits of Adopting a Shelter Dog

Mike Sagman

Dr. Mike Sagman, a retired dentist, led a private restorative and cosmetic practice in Newport News, Virginia, for close to 40 years.

Also a lifelong advocate for animals, Dr. Mike Sagman founded the Peninsula Junior Humane Society at the age of 11 and is a continuing supporter of the Heritage Humane Society of Williamsburg, Virginia as well as Best Friends Animal Society.

When you adopt instead of buying a dog, you reduce the number of unwanted animals and help fight against overpopulation.
Pet stores sometimes get their pets directly from poor-quality breeding centers known as puppy mills.
Buying a pet means that a person is supporting these illicit and unethical breeding enterprises, which frequently keep their birthing mothers and puppies in poor conditions.
On the other hand, adopting a shelter pet means that you are helping these organizations make room for one more animal in need.
Adopting from a shelter also means that you are giving that animal a new chance at life.
Most dogs in shelters are there because of a change in their previous owner's circumstances, such as a move or a new baby, and not because of any defect in the dog itself.
Furthermore, because the majority of dogs in shelters have lived in family homes, you are likely getting a dog already house-trained and possessed of good manners.
You as the owner also benefit financially from adoption. Obtaining a pet from a shelter usually costs less than adopting privately, as shelters ensure that their adoptable animals are up-to-date on all medical care.
Even with the adoption fee, you save money by not having to cover those procedures out-of-pocket. And you're doing lifesaving work in the interest of homeless animals.

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